I need something that will allow me & my partner to keep track of leads. I was going to just have someone create an excel sheet for me & then every time he updated the file he'd upload it & then e-mail me & vice versa, but that is SOOOO not streamlined or high tech, so I thought I'd come on here & see if someone can recommend a piece of software that will allow me to create the different fields (I'm not a coder, I'm an entrepreneur) & then we'd both have separate logins so this way he can't touch my notes & vice versa, but he can read everything.

I thought a CRM would work, but I don't think so. Right now I use Zoho & I don't see a way for 2 logins, not to mention it wouldn't show who's notes are whose & I don't want him to see my own personal notes on the leads.

I'd like something that could e-mail the other person when I add an update & vice versa, but that's probably asking too much.

And I'm hoping that it doesn't cost a lot or is OS.