Hey Everyone,

This is my first post on these forums, and I have to say so far I have loved the sites - especially the walkthroughs. I am pursuing a CS degree from Tufts and cannot wait to get started participating in this forum. Anyway, here is my question:

I set up a server (Win 7, Apache 2.2, PHP5, MySql, Filezilla FTP Srvr) and registered a domain name. After wrestling with it for a while, I finally got everything configured with DNS and the whole 9 yards so that Apache is servicing my domain www.mydomainname.com and serving my Wordpress blog.

Here is the caveat:

The only way to access the FTP server is through the domain name now... Lets say my IP is, If I go to the page times out. However, if I go to ftp://mydomainname.com, it connects just fine.

How would I go about it so that my FTP server can respond to requests from the external IP, and not just through requests by domain name?