Hi there,

I am using an SEO URL module built into one of the popular e-commerce CMS systems but sadly my Apache code is not working. Every time I make Ajax requests from pages with the URL modified, I am getting CORS(cross domain-related) errors which tells me that my rewrite code is doing something very wrong.

All I want to do is be able to make HTTP requests via Ajax to relative file-paths as in:


I want to do this regardless of whether the page that I am on is modified by the SEO url module.

By this I mean that I want it to work whether a page is mydomain.com/seokeyword or mydomain.com/index/php?route=common/category

So in short can someone provide me with a safe mod rewrite please, I am mainly a JQuery/Php/HTML/CSS developer. My Apache code is patchy at best so I won't even post it here as I know it is to blame for all of my problems.

All I want to do is rewrite mydomain.com/index.php to be mydomain.com without confusing the browser into thinking I am calling cross domain when using AJAX.

I would really appreciate it thanks

best regards