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    Return Value OR NULL

    I have a query that returns a score for each month per company location. The months are specified per a given time span. The trouble is, not every company location will have data for every month within the time span.

    Is there a way to modify the below query (perhaps using a correlated sub query) to return the score per location/month, or NULL if the location has no recorded monthly value?

    select s.month, s.year,, s.score
       from scores s
       inner join locations l on = s.location_id and l.company_id = s.company_id
       where s.company_id = 22  
       and s.year*100+m between 201203 and 201207
       group by s.location_id, s.month, s.year
       order by s.year, s.month,

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    you'll need to have a month table as the left table in a LEFT OUTER JOIN

    it's a little trickier to make this a general purpose solution because you've separated the year and month into two different columns

    so, we'll use a generated year table along with a generated month table
    SELECT y.yr
         , m.mth
         , data.score
      FROM ( SELECT 2012 AS yr
             UNION ALL SELECT 2013 ) AS yrs
      JOIN ( SELECT 1 AS mth
             UNION ALL SELECT 2         
             UNION ALL SELECT 3         
             UNION ALL SELECT 4         
             UNION ALL SELECT 5         
             UNION ALL SELECT 6         
             UNION ALL SELECT 7         
             UNION ALL SELECT 8         
             UNION ALL SELECT 9         
             UNION ALL SELECT 10         
             UNION ALL SELECT 11         
             UNION ALL SELECT 12 ) AS mths           
      JOIN ( SELECT s.month
                  , s.year
                  , s.score
               FROM scores s
               JOIN locations l 
                 ON = s.location_id 
                AND l.company_id = s.company_id
              WHERE s.company_id = 22 ) AS data
        ON data.year = yrs.yr
       AND data.m = mths.mth
     WHERE yrs.yr*100+mths.mth BETWEEN 201203 AND 201207
        BY y.yr
         , m.mth
    note i removed your GROUP BY clause because you don't seem to be aggregating anything | @rudydotca
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    Some good stuff here. Thank you always for your help, Rudy. Sorry about the Group By. The sql I posted was a stripped down/simplified version of the production query. Scores are actually a compilation of several columns, which is why the Group By was originally included.


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