Hello. I have setup a couple of sites using Wordpress and Woocommerce and has pretty good luck with it. These sites only had a few products, so I haven't attempted anything on a large scale.

I am setting up a site for someone that has about 1000 products, and they have very basic computer skill as far as updating it. I have been told that Opencart can be a good option for it's ease of use.

Updating products with the Woocommerce/Wordpress setup isn't rocket science, but I am looking for the easiest possible option that is also reasonably easy to setup (I don't have a ton of time right now to dig deep into another system, I am pretty used to Wordpress). Looking at Opencart it seems to have a lot of themes available etc, and people generally say it's easy to setup.

Has anyone used Woocommerce and Opencart, and have any opinions as to which they prefer?

Thanks for any help.