Hello everyone I am a NOOB in Search Engine Optimization. I wanted to make an experiment but before that I wanted to consult that plan with you experienced people.
So my experiment plan is that-
Suppose that I make 5 blogs, 5 articles, 5 classifieds.
Which means I have 15 different urls.
I select 30 keywords for all of them. 2 keywords per url.
Now I apply all off page optimization techniques for them.
Now think if this experiment gets successful then people would get 15 results [5 blogs, 5 articles, 5 classifieds] at per page if they search GOOGLE by my keywords.
This way I would be dominating the first page of GOOGLE.
Now please tell me by giving your expert advice if my this plan is GOOD or BAD or even possible or Where do I lack ?
Please help. Thank you in advance.