APPLE, GITHUB, AND THE BBC USE SINATRA. WHY? Sinatra has become the natural choice for building fast and efficient Ruby applications without the weight of Rails. In fact, consider that the entire Sinatra codebase weighs in at less than 2,000 lines—around 1% the size of Rails! And, unlike Rails, you have the freedom to choose the tools you prefer. So, for instance, you can write database-agnostic code complete with Ajax.


If you're interested in learning more, then the latest book in our Jump Start series might just be for you. With Jump Start Sinatra by Darren Jones, you could learn everything from setting up to deploying apps. Get information about pricing and content, or grab some sample chapters here.

You can check out a short video introduction of the book with Darren here.

Or you can watch a short Getting Started with Sinatra video tutorial with John Barton here.

Make sure join us for a free Talk Sinatra with the Experts session with Darren (and expert reviewer Konstantin Haase) in a few hours time.

I invite you to ask any Sinatra questions that you have here - Darren is hanging around and is keen to help you out (or encourage you to get started if Sinatra is new to you). And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question around this place. And keep your eyes out for some fun Sinatra based quizes and contests that we have in the pipeline.