I have a question regarding SEO, when you use the .load functionality in jQuery.

You can load a document by referring to the href value of the link you clicked.
In this first case, the folder name where the html documents are stored (../ajax/) is mentioned in the <a> tag, not in jQuery:
<a href="ajax/test.html">test</a>

var thelink = $(this).attr('href');
Or you can load a document by adding the folder name of your html documents in your jQuery and not in your <a> tag.
<a href="test.html">test</a>

I wonder which method is the most seo friendly.
I now use the first example, but I noticed that the google spiders stop at my navigation, and don't go further to the other pages of the site.
But I suppose if I try the second example, the google spiders stop aswel, because the target folder is not mentioned in the links...
I ask it before I change all my links to let google check it.

Anyone experience with this?