Can anyone explain why this is happening? I put a forum on my site, first using anyboard by netbula. Worked for three days, then somehow the permissions got changed on the scripts. I'm the only one with access to my account, and I wasn't even NEAR my computer when this happened. So, being entirely too impulsive, I deleted everything and re-uploaded the script and set up a new forum. Three days later, the same thing. I thought it must be a bug in the script or something. So I 86-ed them.

Fast forward a few days... I set up boardpower on my site (it's fabulous, btw), and it worked great until yesterday, when messages weren't getting posted. Got an error message saying the forums weren't writeable. So I fixed the chmod on the forums directories, and now they work great.

Any clue why this would happen? Is it a problem with my host or is this sort of thing common?