I got this routine of sending a mail and saving the info with mysql-asp. Look:

form.htm -- post----> formtomail.cgi -- redirect --------> save.asp

The problem is that the request.form() reaches save.asp empty, because obiously nobody submitted a form in the CGI.

How can I save the data then?

Does exist any code combination to save first, and then (without pressing any submit button, but redirecting automatically) go to the CGI? I mean:

form.htm -----> save.asp ---redirect automatically, as it where a form----> CGI.

I want to know if it is posible something like this.

Another idea suggested a session object declared in a suppoused form.asp.

What I need is to store the data and send the mail only pression one submit button.

Thanks a lot.

PD: Where is a forum to discuss CGI Issues and programming? I couldnt find it here.