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    CrossPlatform Desktop PHP' under 100mb ?

    Hello & Thanks :
    Normally I program in HotBasic (freeware programs) .But I am interested in crossplatform . So it seems like javascript and php are quite platform independent .
    Today I noticed a Php-Gtk crossplatform opensource package .I would like to write programs that run in Browsers (IE , chrome , firefox) .So I am looking for the smallest Desktop footprint possible , to develop php/html/javascript programs .
    And more importantly , I am looking for the smallest Desktop footprint possible , to run these programs in . Any advice/direction you can give me will be greatly appreciated .

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    PHP is a great language for the web, not so much for GTK. Php-Gtk is under developed and may not even be active anymore. If you are looking for cross platform solutions, Java is the way to go. Though I'm not a fan of its security issues as of late.

    EDIT: PHP-Gtk is most certainly dead.


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