I am getting a styled MLS feed from an online source and there is an h1 tag in on all property listing that is oversized. So I want to leverage the Cascading portion of CSS to target the h1 tag in my local Style Sheet. Here is the html feed:
HTML Code:
<div id="post-1358762038" class="post">
<h1>9814 Patton Road, Asheville, NC</h1>
The DIV id "post-1358762038" is the first selector, then the CLASS "post" is the second selector and "h1" is the third selector.

The DIV id changes with each property, so some widcard/regular expressions are necessary. I can affect a change with CLASS and H1 tags but it is too generic and it effects other page elements, so I need to target the DIV tag with widcard/regular expressions and the CLASS and H1. The syntax eludes me. Here is my CSS
div[id^="post"] .post h1 {
	font-family: 'Arial Narrow', 'Helvetica Condensed', Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;  
	font-size: 21px;
	line-height: 21px;	
this page was very helpful, but ?I am trying to string multiple selectors http://circlecube.com/2008/05/using-...stylize-links/