Hi guys, nice website you have here. I have some questions about my small website. The site is for my contracting business, right now there are 5 pages but I will get it up to 10-12 pages soon. It's been active for a month.

When I do a site:website.com search on Google it shows that the pages were indexed. But when I do a site:www.website.com search, nothing comes up. So apparently Google only indexed the non-www pages.

I signed up for Google's Webmaster Tools, put both the www and non-www pages into my profile, and set the www pages to be the preferred.

My question is what should I do now? Should I set a 301 redirect? If so, what exactly what I put into the .htaccess file? Which page should I redirect to, the non-www page which is currently indexed by Google or the www page which seems like the more proper thing to do?

Again, the site is only about a month old and very small so I don't know if this stuff even matters much for me?