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    Cool Gripes about Spam Filters

    Hey Sp,

    A website I've built for some clients is encountering issues with emails being sent from the site. Specifically, some of the emails that are being sent to them are being flagged as spam. I can't seem to figure out exactly why some emails pass through the spam filters and some do not, the only reason I can come up with is because a lot of the emails sent have similar or the same information in them but they are still important to my clients. I'm already using a proper remote SMTP mail service through their email hosting service and this has solved a lot of problems from before where we were sending un-authenticated emails (almost all of the emails were flagged as spam then). The emails that keep flagged as Spam are results from a Survey that our customer base fills out. I guess because a lot of these emails are similar in nature Gmail's spam filter and other spam filters decide that they are junk, which truly upsets me. Apart from just not sending the survey results through an email is there any other solution I could look into to get around this issue?

    Thanks for reading and responding.
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