Wayne had a cat named Sparky What a cool name!

Temis: I watch my pet's actions for about two weeks after I get them, by that time their personalities really start to show through and you can think of some great names - for example:

"Troubles" always used to venture down to the local grocery store (about 5 minutes drive) and the grocers were always calling saying "Your dog's gonna be in trouble if he runs out into the traffic.." so from that, we got Troubles.

"Bandit" is part husky and part german shepherd. She has what looks like a little black mask around her eyes, and is notorious around the neighborhood for stealing welcome mats, shoes and unattended toys.

"Artemis", one of my cats, is crazy about stalking and pouncing on unsuspecting balls of paper, shoes or anything else that catches her attention. She will also bring home "prizes" that she has caught outside.

Hope those suggestions help good luck naming your puppy!