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    json unexpected token

    Hi hope someone could shed some light here, I have been debugging this for ages but can't find the solution. I have not encountered any problem with latest IE9, firefox and chrome, but some of my customers using a "china" browser have this issue.

    Invalid JSON:

    {"output":"<p>\u8bf7\u9009\u62e9\u4e00\u4e2a\u8d27\u8fd0\u65b9\u5f0f.<\/p>\n<table class=\"form\">\n <tr>\n <td style=\"width: 1px;\"> <input type=\"radio\" name=\"shipping_method\" value=\"flat.flat\" id=\"flat.flat\" checked=\"checked\" \/>\n <\/td>\n <td><label for=\"flat.flat\">\u5feb\u9012 EMS<\/label><\/td>\n <td style=\"text-align: right;\"><label for=\"flat.flat\"><\/label><\/td>\n <\/tr>\n <tr>\n <td style=\"width: 1px;\"> <input type=\"radio\" name=\"shipping_method\" value=\"item.item\" id=\"item.item\" \/>\n <\/td>\n <td><label for=\"item.item\">\u6302\u53f7\u7a7a\u90ae<\/label><\/td>\n <td style=\"text-align: right;\"><label for=\"item.item\"><\/label><\/td>\n <\/tr>\n <tr>\n <td style=\"width: 1px;\"> <input type=\"radio\" name=\"shipping_method\" value=\"\" id=\"\" \/>\n <\/td>\n <td><label for=\"\">\u5ba2\u6237\u81ea\u53d6 \uff08\u4ec5\u63d0\u4f9b\u7ed9\u5c45\u4f4f\u65b0\u52a0\u5761\u6216\u66fc\u8c37\u7684\u5ba2\u6237\uff09<\/label><\/td>\n <td style=\"text-align: right;\"><label for=\"\"><\/label><\/td>\n <\/tr>\n <\/table>\n<b>\u6dfb\u52a0\u8ba2\u5355\u5907\u6ce8<\/b>\n<textarea name=\"comment\" rows=\"8\" style=\"width: 98%;\"><\/textarea>\n<br \/>\n<br \/>\n<div class=\"buttons\">\n <div class=\"right\"><a id=\"button-shipping\" class=\"button\"><span>\u7ee7\u7eed<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n<\/div>\n"}

    Anyone have any idea? I've tried to validate this json output and it says Valid in Javascript but invalid acording to RFC blah blah..
    I Dunno LOL \(_o)/

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    The JSON is fine (according to
    I don't know if that is good or not.

    Here's a good thread on StackOverflow which might give you some ideas for how to debug this:

    Would be interested to find out what was wrong if you get to the bottom of it.


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