I'm trying to find a keyword (ex. "dog bone") in a paragraph string (ex. "I bought my lucky dog a new dog bone and he loves it." using PHP preg_match & preg_replace. I found some code (from early 2000s) that works ok but is slow.

Anyone know of a good alternative or better way to write this code?

PHP Code:
$tmp "dog bone"
$string "I bought my lucky dog a new dog bone and he loves it."

preg_match("/(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?$tmp? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)? ?(\w+)?/i"$string$result);

if (
$result[0] != "") {
$my_output preg_replace("/$tmp/i","<B>$tmp</B>",$result[0]);