Code below seperate correct letters and incorrect letters from each other if option type is letter. E.g If option type is A-D and correct letter is B, then it removes B from A B C D using the `$wrong` variable making it A C D for `$incorrect_ans` variable.

Now what I want to do is that if option type is `Yes or No` and correct answer is `Yes`, then it should seperate `Yes` from `Yes, No` so that I can display `No` in `incorrect_ans` variable. Problem is that at the moment it is not spilt both these options, so it is displaying bother this answers as incorrect answers when in this example `No` should be incorrect. But how can this be achieved?

I want the same to work for `True or False` option as well. As I mentioned my code works for letter answers, just not `Yes or No` or `True or False`.

Below is code:
PHP Code:
   $specialOptionTypes = array('Yes or No' => array( 'Yes''No' ),'True or False' => array( 'True''False' ));
    while (
$stmt->fetch()) {
// Do this for each row:
if ( array_key_exists$dbOptionType$specialOptionTypes ) ) {
$options $specialOptionTypes[$dbOptionType];
    } else if ( 
preg_match'/^([A-Z])-([A-Z])$/'$dbOptionType$match ) ) {
$options range$match[1], $match[2] );
    } else {
// issue warning about unrecognized option type
$options = array();
$right $dbAnswer// $right = 'True';
$wrong array_diff$options$right );  
$incorrect_ans[] = $wrong;