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    Question How do I make an expandable collapsible menu stay open when you nav to a new page????

    please help me with an expadable/collapsible menu.
    I have expadable/collapsible menu(9 buttons)that does the following. when you mouseover one of the menu items a submenu opens vertically. The issue is that once you click on one of those sublinks and you are taken to that page the menu closes. I want the menu to remain open
    when you are taken to a new page of a submenu.
    exmaple oif what my menu looks like
    In my home page I added the code for the drop down menu.
    I know that for all the child pages I need to add logic tying page ids to divs to call the function generated by the editor used to create the dropdown menu.
    on the home page where this menu resides I have the code that triggers the motion of the drop down menu on all the
    child pages i have the same code as well but i added a line that seems to make it work. (Test_trigMenu1('Aboutmenu',1) this is the name of the
    main menu and the first submenu. But how can I make the others ones work? Can someone help me with a function so the menu remain open when you are
    in set of submenu pages? here are my other sub menu names.
    Any help on this would be really appreciated.
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