For what it's worth, the superfunproductions page has 3 significant mismatched tags. These leave the behavior of the page up to the discretion of different browsers. I highly recommend fixing these. Add the blue tags where noted.

Line 70:
Div wrapup does not have a close tag:
<div id="wrapup">
I can't be sure where it is supposed to close. I would guess below Line 104, though.

Line 76:
This list item does not have a close tag:
<li id="games"><a href="games.html">Games</a></li>
Line 96:
The first anchor does not have a close tag:
<div class="slides_container"><a href="CC.html"><img src="images/games/CCpic.png" alt="crystal catacombs" height="500" width="800" border="0" /></a><a href=