Hey everyone, I'm a long time lurker, but first time poster! Thanks for all the help in the past I have gotten from reading your posts.

I have a website that I didn't design, but I'm being asked to work on, and I can't figure something out. I'm not sure where the problem lies. Hopefully this is an appropriate place to post this, if not, moderators, please move.

If you go to www.keystoneconsultingengineers.com and look at the navigation, you will see it's not exactly right. First off, when you first go, the second line of navigation has links in it that shouldn't be there! If you go too fast over the various headings, the navigation gets confused and will link to the wrong pages sometimes.

If there is a way to keep the sub headings up after you click on a subheading, that would be a bonus.

If anyone could give me any pointers as to where I can possibly look to fix either of these problems, that would be great! I have tried changing a few things in the css and the jquery files, but nothing seemed to work.

I appreciate all help.