Hey Guys,

Ok so just having a minor issue with the site I am currently working on. In the main navigation I'm able to make the current or selected page highlighted differently from the other links in the navigation but on my interior pages in the subnavbar it doesn't highlight when I try to do it.

Here is a page..


What I want in the subnavbar is the current page to be highlighted so Capabilities shpould be highlighted I just want it white text with no underline just for the current/selected page.

Tried to do this but just wouldnt work as you can tell in my CSS I have

.subnavbar .selected a {
  	color: #FFF !important;
  	border: none !important;

.subnavbar .current_page_item  {
	color: #FFF !important;
  	border:none !important;
If someone could give me a hand that would be great.