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    iphone displaying site a weird mix of widths. @media query help needed

    I'm having an odd issue with a website I'm building. The site is

    On a desktop browser it looks GREAT! But on the iphone there's a weird mix of full-width and not-quite full-width elements. You can see the annotated screenshot here:

    I know nothing of @media queries but I assume that's the issue here. How can I make the whole site 100% wide on the iphone? I've done some reading but am getting conflicting information. I'd really appreciate some guidance.
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    Not sure if it's causing the problem or not, but you do have some over-wide elements on your site that cause a slight sideways scroll even on desktop, such as the border on this element:

    <div class="wrapper" id="wrapper-14">
    Which is already set to width: 100%; Anyhow, I would fix inconsistencies like that first, at least to rule them out.

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