Hi there,

I'm trying to display and re-size images using URL's which are held in a Mysql database (under the column named "ImageUrl"),
the images are all from separate sources and so I need to re size them appropriately before displaying them in separate Divs, I'm still trying to get my head around a lot of PHP, so just to let you know that I'm no expert.

So far I have:
-Connected to the database
-Ran the query
-Then displayed the query result (So I can display the original image just fine by sourcing the link from the ImageUrl column, but its still massive)

So next, i suspect that I need to use the GB library to store the image after resizing it, before displaying it.
I have found find plenty of example's online illustrating how to do this using an image which is already saved on the server, but none on how to do it using a URL sourced from a database.

And just in-case the question still seems hazy, my question is:
How do I use PHP to call upon and re-size a database URL Image?

Any replies will be greatly appreciated =D