Hi Guys

Haven't been round for a long, long time. However, I've found three questions you cant seem to ask 99% of all web designers.

1/ What is your best converting website design?
  • Why?

2/ What are your current bounce rates on your designs?

3/ Tell me how you would implement a split testing system for the design you provide us from day 1?

Is it all care and no responsibility! Surely we have moved past the "crayon stage" by now - its the felt-tip pen era or I'm I missing something?

Designers seem consumed by the question "whats your budget?" which I suppose if a function of people wanting a website but not understanding why or what they need.

Is it possible some modern day customers are focused on measuring effectiveness prior to deciding how many bank notes they should pay the designers?

Are they days gone where designers have a "feel" for a project or is it all about the dollars?