here are 3 rows from result set as an example

order_no rep cust_id ordered allocated sku date_created
4220320 Bob 211373 4 4 OTTER4SBK 2012-12-06
4220320 Bob 211373 4 4 OTTER4SBK 2012-12-07
4220320 Bob 211373 4 4 OTTER4SBK 2013-01-11

this is tricky.. i only want to select 1 row per sku and order number combo

where the date is over 7 days old, unless for this sku / order number pair, there is a date created within the past 7 days. then select nothing.

so for the data above, all 3 rows would be excluded from the results, because the most recent date_created is within 7 days.

I think my only concern for the WHERE clause is the date_created column, so how can i make this conditional WHERE clause?

i.e. WHERE date_created is > 7 unless date_created < 7 is true