Hi Guys,

New here and have tried searching but can't seem to find what I'm after.

Basically I want to create a registration form for a website using PHP and MySQL. The form needs to have all the standard fields like:


But I also want to have a couple of extra questions in the form, these are:

Gender - Now am I right in thinking I should use ENUM for this with the values ('m','f') ??

My next two are the ones that I'm totally stuck on, I want to have one question in the form that has a drop down box as the choices, for example:

Q. How often to you exercise?
Then the answers: 1 a week, 2 week, 3 a week, 4 or more a week

The other one is I'd like to have check boxes as the possible answers.

Now, I'm struggling to figure out where to go here, I have my page built with PHP and the form inside it, and I'm happy to build the table in MySQL but I don't know what to set the values for those two answer categories as? Am I right in thinking that the answers need to be selected from a different pre-built table with the choices defined? If so, how do I do so and then save the selected choices in the "users" table that will store the data for my new registered user?

I hope I've made sense?

Many thanks in advance guys!