Okay, I have a new website, it's based on my own personal humor, but I can't give out the website address or I'll get ostrasized from the community, so just contact me using the info in my profile if interested in the following...

First of all, I need site partners, I need websites that are willing to help me to better promote this site. I know that it will do extremely well as I'm quite popular as an internet humorist. Chances are if you read a lot of humor, you've heard of me or read my work.

Second, I am looking for sites that are interested in having my five times weekly columns placed on their sites in return for a reciprical link back to my site on my column. I want to get my work out to more sites than the 250 they are already on, so if you want fresh humor content for your site, let me know.

I think that about sums everything up, unless you want to do a review of my site, and if you do, then just go to the Reviews section of Site Point and give me a review.