Hi guys,

I have been developing an eCommerce project for some time now and have added a number of elements to the front page, including a flash based 360 product display and an AJAX product finder filter which I wrote myself. All of this looks good and works great in all browsers except IE.

I have been trying to debug these issues as I go along but I haven't had any luck so I'm the first to admit that I need help. The information on Google isn't clear and specific enough to my issue, I have no idea what error 1 below refers to and error 2 seems to suggest some cross domain AJAX issue but I'm not calling cross domain. Is there anyone who can spot what I have done wrong.

ERROR 1 -page loads and on internet explorer a prompt comes up saying error error access is denied!
I believe this relates to the 3D movie which simply uses swf object to embed the movie, if there is no flash it uses html 5 and if there isn't html5 support it loads a static image. IE does not like this at all and I have no idea how to solve it.


When I try to use the find a deal filter in the console I get the following error:

SCRIPT5: Access is denied.

jquery.tools.min.js, line 293 character 344

I have checked every script on the page with jslint and all of them are valid with no mistakes. I should also mention that I have several similar filters on this site that work flawlessly using the same AJAX syntax as I have already been down the road of checking that code, it seems to be a problem speicif to the front page and only on IE.

The ridiculous thing is that after I load the page a few times it often just goes away but this isn't good enough. I may have done something blindingly obvious with the doctype or xml type but I'm very jaded from spending so much time on this so I can't spot it.

I will be so grateful to anyone that can help. Here is the url: