I'm not quite sure where to put this post as the problem may be php, mysql, jquery, or ajax related. So, here goes:

I'm developing a web page which allows users to reorder a list. The list itself appears twice on the page, once as a table of contents off to the side (which can't be manually resorted) and a second list that can be resorted. I'm then using jquery's sortable to resort the second list, and then using ajax to call a php script which 1) updates my database 2) removes a cache with has the old list. When I refresh the page the cached list changes (the one that wasn't manually resorted), while the dynamically generated list using php/database doesn't change. Further, when I look at my database, the order field has been in fact updated.

What's even more confusing is that the script works fine locally. Is it possible that since I'm using ajax my server somehow doesn't know that I've updated the database and uses some sort of server-side cached result?

Thank you for any thoughts.