One of my sites is in the data niche and I wanted to secure a good brand .com. However as the niche is pretty saturated, the best I could come up with was usabledatabases dot com (hand reg). I have since secured all the plural versions of .net and .org, and the singular version .com as well. But now I suddenly feel this may be too long? Or is it?

I have seen longer .com sites that are pretty popular but still the shorter the more preferable. I once heard there's a 14-character rule of thumb for .com naming - it's always better to have a .com name no more than 14 characters, according to a psychological research or something. However, mine is 15 characters. As the site is still working its way up and I intend to work hard to make it great, I better switch the domain now if I need to.

Do you think this name would stand good or do I need a shorter one? I'm not a native English speaker so I'd appreciate some ideas from native English speakers. Do you think it's too long to be memorable at first glance?

Any idea would be appreciated!