Hi everyone,
2 questions I am hoping to have resolved:

I have an email address that I am currently using for business. For example reasons (and for reasons of spam) I am going to call it: "me@mydomain.com"

I have purchased and own the @"mydomain.com" domain name, and I have set up my email using Google Apps a few years back when it was still a free service. The thing about Google Apps is that you also need to have a Gmail address, so luckily I already had one that I was using. The challenge that I am faced with is that a client is telling me that she is getting my email through Microsoft Outlook and it will say something like
"oldaddress@gmail.com" on behalf of "me@mydomain.com"
as the sender.

Why is it showing my Gmail address, even though I am sending from my business email? I am happy with Google Apps and appreciate the fact that I can browse my business email through Gmail. It is a good interface for checking email online. However, is there any way to have my email address just show up as my business email rather than having the extra Gmail info about me as the sender?

I am also using my iPhone for checking email and it won't let me send from my business email address, it only lets me send from my Gmail address. I can receive from both but I can't send from my business email. Does anybody know of a fix for this too?