Hello everyone,

I've been working on a single page website recently and trying to put things together with Scrolldeck.js (by John Polacek) and integrate some accordion contents into some sections of the page. Once i added the accordion content, i've found there are unknown spaces at the bottom of each sections of content that is hidden (it was hidden because i hide them all and let the first one display only until user click on it). And i assume the reason why it's happened was because the height has been calculated when the page was load. If that's the case is there anyway that i could make the height to become a variable?

Another issue that i've got which happen in firefox only is the navigation does not stop precisely on where the user clicked. The content does scroll to destination where user clicked but the "active" status / class does not added to the selected navigation menu and always 1 step behind. It will only stop at where the user clicked if i scroll a few pixels down with mouse, or else the "active" state will be stop at the previous section. Does anyone know why is that happening? i've tried open John's example script on firefox and there is no problem at all.

Thank you.