This is maybe a ridiculous question and please understand I'm not asking it as a means of provoking weird comments. I'm actually thrust in a situation at my workplace where we have to start implementing responsive design without the use of media queries. This probably due to my own limitations or lack of imagination but I'm baffled by the idea.

Maybe it's a thought experiment: "What is responsive design without media queries?" or "Is there responsive design without media queries?" I've come to the conclusion that it's a spectrum of responsiveness, agnostic of technology... but maybe I'm wrong.

I'm actually just trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, and where I can I find tutorials and information regarding the subject. Creating divs that fall underneath each other when resizing the browser window, without media queries, is easy. Setting percentage widths to things is easy. Does fluid design fall under "responsive"? Maybe not.

Is there more I can learn? Is there more I can do create a feux-responsive experience for the user without media queries? And why can't I use media queries at my workplace? Because they're forcing their developers to use their consumer-grade tool. That's it. Help me.