I have a table in oracle with fields customer( time_stamp,cur_customer)
tie_stamp with date format - 12-jan-2012
curcustomer number

I have multiple customers against date so i have to sum(cur_customer)
I have to use select query in asp which :
Ssqlstr = "select time_stamp,sum(cur_customers) tot_cust from custmers "
sqlstr = sqlstr + "where time_stamp between '09:03 12/20/2012' and '09:03 12/22/2012'

sqlstr = sqlstr + "group by time_stamp"

My this query is not working because of date format. Can anyone help in qury and then create line graph with this recordset
set rsTotRec = DBConn.Execute(sqlstr)

rsChart.CursorLocation = 3 'adUseClient

rsChart.Open sqlstr, DBConn, 3 'adOpenStatic

'Add a Clustered Column Chart with a legend to the Chartspace
set m_cspace = server.CreateObject("OWC11.Chartspace")

'set the Chartspace's data source to the Recordset and add the
'Type field for series names, the dec_name field for the chart's
'categories and the Cust_Aff field for the chart's values

set m_cspace.DataSource = rsChart

' The following statement will create a new chart (therefore 2 charts)

set cht = m_cspace.Charts.Add

set c = m_cspace.Constants
cht.Type = c.chChartTypeLine
cht.Type = c.chChartTypeLineMarkers

cht.HasLegend = True

m_cspace.SetData c.chDimSeriesNames, 0, "series"
m_cspace.SetData c.chDimCategories, 0,"time_stamp"
m_cspace.SetData c.chDimValues, 0,"tot_cust"

This is also not working can anyone help please i am not getting th y axis.

'add a chart title and format the title
cht.HasTitle = True
cht.Title.Caption = "P e r f o r m a n c e M o n i t o r" & chr(10) & "Number of customers out between '2012122100' and '2012122200'"
set fnt = cht.Title.Font
fnt.Name = "Tahoma"
fnt.Size = 10
fnt.Bold = True
fnt.Color = "DarkBlue"
'fnt.underline = true

'cht.SeriesCollection(0).Line.Color = "#FE2E2E"

'add a title to the category axis and format the title
set ax = cht.Axes(c.chAxisPositionBottom)
ax.HasTitle = True
ax.Title.Caption = "Time (YY/MM/DD HH24:MI)"
set fnt = ax.Title.Font
fnt.Name = "Tahoma"
fnt.Size = 10
fnt.Bold = True
'Format the Category axis
ax.TickLabelSpacing = Interval_Hourly
ax.MajorUnit = Interval_Hourly
ax.HasMajorGridlines = true

'add a title to the value axis and format the title
set ax = cht.Axes(c.chAxisPositionLeft)
ax.NumberFormat = "General"
ax.HasTitle = True
ax.Title.Caption = "# of Customers Affected"
set fnt = ax.Title.Font
fnt.Name = "Tahoma"
fnt.Size = 10
fnt.Bold = True