Hello people, I'm new to this website and this is my first post.
I have a question and I hope I can get an answer.

I have a good experience with web-development, but no legal knowledge, which I think I want to improve.

So, the thing is that years before I purchased a local domain name in my country. It is a .GE domain TLD. It was that I was going to create a celebrity web-site and host it someplace under that domain, but I never did it.

However, then after some years, I decided to work on it and recently I finished a website. I did not upload it though, nor payed for a hosting service because of my thoughts about its legal issues.

Site is including songs, videos, movies, photos, poems, articles and other stuff, in size it's more than 20 GB, size is not an issue thought. It's copyright, etc. (legal affairs)

I have seen many similar sites (from fans to fans) and it inspired me that I won't have any legal issues, but I don't think things are that good.

These materials I have from internet for free, and my website is going to be non-profit as well, but legal institutions would call my behavior as stealing materials from internet with no rights to publish them. So, I might get sued to pay or even they could send me to jail, I guess.

Is there ways to avoid a lawsuit? Maybe if my website won't be in English and only in my local language it would help? Maybe not having files uploaded on my webserver, but having them link to other servers? Maybe a little message telling that I am not responsible and things like that?

I really need help, because I put a lot of work into this website and I believe it is one of my best works.

To be precise, I want to ask if I should give up and forget about the time and energy I wasted or is there any way of succeeding in this affair.

Thank you very much.