I am attempting to link to a particular area of a frame within a framset. I understand how to use anchor tags as well. The problem is, I can't point a link to an anchor that is within a frame of a new window. When a user clicks on the link, a new window will appear. This winow will contain frames. I would like to point certain links to specific areas within one of the frames. Is this making sense?

Please click on the below link:

Now, if you click on the blue highlighted links, it will open up a new window. This new window is constructed with frames. The top one displaying the blue header and the bottome one containing the content. Now, if they click on the "tax exempt I.D.", I would like the new window to open up with the bottom content showing "tax exempt I.D." at the very top. (So the user will not have to scroll down each time to find the help topic of their choice).

This is the code I am currently using on the links:
<A HREF="javascriptpenWin('help_frames.htm#taxexempt');">

I just can't get the "#taxexmpt" part to work.
Sorry this was so long but I would appreciate any help.