Hi all,
I need a neat, clean, simple website. Responsive with about 5-6 pages. I also need a vbulliten forum configured for the website. No advertising /adsense needed.

I am wondering whats the best way to achieve this?
Option 1: get a custom website developed
wouldnt this cost me a lot ? Also, the design is not crystal clear in my mind. I just have some examples of the look and feel i want (wp themes). I have a full requirements document that lists the required functionality(which is available via wordpress anywy)
Any idea how much i should budget for this?

Option2: buy a wp theme and get it customised. Again, any idea how much should i expect to pay for this?

I posted a job on a freelancer site (for vbulletin installation and customisation) and got quotes from $50 to $1000!

What is your preferred approach and why? How much would u pay for a job like this?

Ps:i dont need integration. The website will be public- just the forums will be accessed via login