Very pleased (at first) I found a step by step installation description, I started installing MySQL and PHP.

The 'tar xfv' worked fine on MySQL, but already on the second command (% ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql) something probably went wrong.

" After sitting through the screens and screens of configuration tests, (..)"
Well, didn't see that many screens...

The .err file says:
mysqld started on Tue Sep 26 15:31:59 CEST 2000
/root/mysql-3.22.32-pc-linux-gnu-i686/bin/mysqld: ready for connections

" you'll eventually get back to a command prompt. You're ready to compile MySQL: % make "

Got back to the command prompt (without seeing all those configuration screens), typed in 'make', but the result was:

'make: *** No targets. Stop.'

I'm using RedHat Linux 6, and downloaded the most recent stable versions of MySQL and PHP.

Hope someone can help...