Is there any way to write an efficient code better than this.
                $sql = "SELECT * FROM device.monitor WHERE del_stat IS NULL AND id = ?";
                $q = connection::$db->prepare($sql);
                $q -> bindValue(1, $id, PDO::PARAM_INT);
                $q ->execute();
                $row = $q->rowCount();
                        if ($row == 0) {
                            echo 'no records found.';
                           while ($row = $q->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC))
                              $mon = $row['mon_brand'];
                              $ay= $row['id'];
                              $return[] = array($mon, $ay);                             
        }catch (Exception $e) {
            print "Error!:" . $e->getMessage();
because everytime I call the values I just do the following:
foreach ($view as $test)
  $id = $test[1]; 
  $brand = $test[0];
I wonder if there is another way of doing it like calling just automatically call the id and it will show its value.
Thank you in advance.