Hi everyone, my first post here. i've finally decided to join a forum in order to discuss some of the issues im having with my work.

I'm currently working as a web designer for a large online retailer and the majority of my work involes making banners and landing pages for different products and manufacturers. Pretty mundane if I'm honest but its my first job roll and I've learned alot so far in terms of html and css.

One thing im really struggling with and which leaves me stewing in photoshop for far too long is the layout of content. For each landing page were given textual information and are then asked to mock up a design layout, this is then approved and has to be coded up(which I'm finding relatively easy and rather enjoy).

I've always used a grid system within photoshop to help with layouts and spacing/aligning content but lately I've been finding the laying out blocks of text, headers and lists effectively to be frustratingly difficult.

Do you guys have any advice? A subject i should look deeper into, a book I should read etc.

Thanks in advance.