Ok, so in all my time doing web stuff I have never needed a radio button group, but now I do and I need help.

I have 2 Radio Buttons like so:

<input id="D1" type="radio" name="Department" value="D1" tabindex="1" />
	<label for="D1"><font size="+2" color="#333399">D1</font></label>
<input id="D2" type="radio" name="Department" value="D2" tabindex="1" />
	<label for="D2"><font size="+2" color="#333399">D2</font></label>
Now I want to make sure one of the two is selected.

I tried in JS to do:

document.getElementById("D1").selected == true;
document.getElementById("D1").value == true;
But the first gives me undefined and the second simply false, because the third yields "D1".

I also tried .Selected, but that again just gave undefined wether or not D1 was selected.

Please help,