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@ronpat ;

I added the menu and linked the relevant stylesheet.css to your file and you can see the results here:

Check the Validation button on the top right and I will let you explain the following error:

Line 8, Column 207: there is no attribute "data-href"

...and also if it behaves nicely with IEx 8, etc
Hi, John. I'm intrigued because FF and IE8 on my WinXP box don't show the things that you mention.

I couldn't explain that "data-href" thingy... I don't see it; and the height still stretches out of proportion in IE8.

...And a couple of XHTML-style close tags (space forward-slash) have been inserted, too.

I would love to understand why it is working nicely for you but not for me! Maybe there is hope for that IE8 behavior.