Asking Sitepoint family for suggestions on "free" sites which allow webmasters to make several forms and use their server to process them.

Response-O-Matic will allow a webmaster to do this but I have reservations on using the service.

I like Response-O-Matic but since it is now run by another service the advertisement on the thank you page is so large it overwhelms the page. A user might not even realize they can see what they wrote on the form because the advertisement takes up the entire screen. The user would have to know they needed to scroll down the page to see what he/she submitted.

Prior to this time, Response-O-Matic use to have a banner size advertisement at the top of the page. A visitor would see more of the "thank you" page so they could review what they submitted.

I had planned to use Response-O-Matic but given how the "Thank you" page has been redesigned, I really do not want to now.

All suggestions will be appreciated.