Greetings to all,

Hopefully I have posted this thread in correct section. I am new to PHP but I am learning, slow and steady in my own pace.
I am running a couple of small sites which are build upon PHP and mysql and the other day I signed up to become an affiliate.
Since this is all new to me, I have even problems to read and search for correct books since I dont know the terminilogy of what I am trying to

Since the affiliate I was approved for dont have any api of any kind - how can I get their products to display on my page?
Like itemname, itemdescription, itemimage, and itemURL?
I later on will have to cloak links (but this is a later problem I have to solve)

I somehow need to fetch all the URLs from affiliate site, then crawl site (with urls from previous step) to fetch appropiate data.
I need to store link, itemname, itemdescription, itemimage and price.
How can I achive this?
I dont want you to help me write this stuff, just what tools I need to achive what I want.
Basicly I would achive something like amazon affiliate where you show their products on your page and earn comission on sales.
However this is not amazon and they dont have any api of any kind.


Need help and some guidance!
Cheers to all