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    In same textblock how to center and align right the same time?

    Hoi CSS fanatics,
    just joined your forum. The books I have them since 2001.
    But now i ran into a problem and i can not solve it. May somebody else can??
    I have a textblock that i center. no problem. Some of the rules are 1-liners, others are not. Ther is a price indication and the end of the rule. I would like to align this price at the right side.
    May be it's clearer if you watch the attachment. I know that it is easier if I align one block at the left and the price-block at the end.
    But i do need to center the textblock for filling space.
    Is there somebody who can fixed this or am i just dreaming and is this impossible in CSS??

    Hope you can help me,
    thnx & grtz,



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