I was making a Privacy Policy for my site, FinHeaven & Co, when I was finished, I thought I would add a link on to all the pages. As some may know, FrontPage has "shared borders" so, I did that, then added a link to my site. This is when it happened. When I went to view the site, the link to the privacy policy was were all my SSI coding was!!!

So apparently, FrontPage doesn't like it when you use actual coding, instead of using their bots or whatever.

I also notices that if you use SSI, and the FrontPage's form processing, it won't work!

That was the last straw! I am tired of trying to do something, and only to find that Microsofts wants it their way or the highway!!!

I have been reading good things about Dreamweaver, perhaps Macromedia will have a new customer soon!!!!

Any other problems experienced by SitePoint users here?