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    How do I reduce empty space between photo and text

    I am actually using this photo in a table format and cannot seem to lessen the space around the photo and the surrounding text.
    <p>In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, English Heritage’s Chief Executive Simon Thurley, called for stiffer penalties for those found guilty of committing heritage crime. He was reported as saying that there was evidence that many of those who targeted historic monuments for a variety of criminal 
    reasons,  including metal detector users who dug up archaeologically rich sites looking for valuable artefacts, were <i>“habitual”</i> offenders. He went on to allege that some thieves trawled English Heritage’s databases of protected sites looking for places likely to contain rich pickings. How does he know?
    Where are the supporting figures and stats? Unimpressive stuff, but clearly showing he’d been badly briefed. In-House sabotage perhaps????</p>
    <table class="image" align="left"> 
    		<td><img src="images/Thurley3.jpg" height="310" width="425" border="4"> 
    		<td class="caption"><center><b>Simon Thurley
    <p>It was, Thurley further claimed, <i> “disappointing”</i> when those brought to justice got away with a <i>"slapped wrist."</i> Presumably he’s anxious to deny judges and magistrates the autonomy to fit the punishment to the crime. In calling for the judiciary to mete out custodial sentences for the most
    serious heritage offences, he further complained that many of those found guilty received only conditional discharges, or a fine, though failed to spell 
    out exactly what constituted  ‘serious heritage crime.’</p>
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