Hello, i have a html banner ad which has a form in it, this opens in current window but i need to get it to open in new window.

From what i have found i need to change the onchange section but i am unsure as to how or what to chage it to. here is code:

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=catalog VALUE="tackle"><INPUT NAME=query TYPE=TEXT SIZE=17> <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Go"><input type=hidden name=.autodone value='http://store.yahoo.com/tackle/nsearch.html'>&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type=HIDDEN name=catalog value="tackle">
<select name="Navigation:" onChange="top.location=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
<option value="" selected>Search by Brand

I should note that teh form has to parts and part for entering text and doing search and the the above which when option is select it goes to URl automatically. I have sorted the 1st bit by doing:


many thanks