In reference to 'PHP & MyQL: Novice to Ninja' edition 5, Yank, chapter 3. The file from example link1, name.html, when run in Firefox, and then clicking on "Hi I'm Kevin" results in Firefox attempting to open the name.php file instead of it being executed as expected. In Chromium, name.php is downloaded instead of executed. I assume this is a problem of some sort in the Apache2 PHP setup but much web-searching has not yielded any help, at least none that this newbie could understand. All other code in the book has worked fine and HTML/PHP executes ok in all previous examples. Only this new example where the href link to name.php seems to fail to invoke the expected Apache response. I'm running with Apche/2.2.22(Ubuntu 12.10 - Linux Mint 14) I'm hoping someone has seen this and knows how to resolve. I've looked at things like /etc/apach2.conf, mods-available and mods-enabled/php5.conf, etc. but nothing seems different than expected. name.html and name.php are in /var/www. All previous .html and .php examples worked ok from this location.